Supporting Neglected & Disadvantaged Children in Romania



I crossed the border into Romania while the weather was really very hot and I was happy and thankful that I arrived safely and could enjoy this beautiful landscape during my journey.

First I met our team in Suceava, a city in the northeast of Romania and we visited our families there. It was very nice to see the progress the children have made and how happy everyone is to be looked after by Open Hands. We talked, played, did crafts and laughed a lot and the children had much fun - blowing bubbles which are still their favourite!
Then I drove on to Gheorgheni and started my 3 weeks at the Rainbow House. There we had team meetings almost every morning, read the bible, prayed together, and planned the day. I went together with our employee Olga to offices, doctors, hospitals and schools to manage different things. During this time we had very good conversations with official people and I learned that the work of Open Hands is very much appreciated within the community.

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After two years of Rainbow House the greatest novelty for the children still seems to be to sit around the table and eat together. It is beautiful to watch how well the children communicate with each other and how much they enjoy eating and being looked after.

curca3oct17I am wishing you all a Happy New Year with blessings and new opportunities. May we all play a part, however small, in changing this world to a more loving one. This year I am looking forward to continue my work amongst the poor in Romania with all the trials and triumphs it brings.


Another year has gone by and Open Hands has continued to bring love, hope and change to impoverished children. With your support we are breaking poverty circles and transforming the lives of the most destitute children of Romania.

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