Supporting Neglected & Disadvantaged Children in Romania

blogOver the years we have come in contact with some very inspiring people. One of them is Ana-Maria, a social worker who works for the local authority in Gheorgheni/Romania. As a charity it is very good to work in partnership with social workers from local authorities because together we can have a stronger, more positive impact on the children we support. Ana-Maria is a special person because she has devoted herself to others in her social work for over 20 years.

At home Ana-Maria is also caring for someone. 33 years ago Ana-Maria gave birth to a little baby girl. She called her after herself: Ana-Maria. This little girl was born visually impaired with Childhood Encephalopathy which affects her ability to move and communicate.

At this time it was custom, under the Communist regime led by Nicolae Ceausescu, to give any child with “abnormalities” into the care of the state. Over 170,000 children were institutionalised; disabled children were segregated and placed into isolated, rural institutions receiving not even the basic amount of care.

Caring for a disabled child under a communist regime was hard, especially as children with disabilities were seen as “worthless” entities of the state. When Ana-Maria went outside with her daughter people laughed at them and ridiculed them. Nevertheless Ana-Maria stood strong against the tide of disapproval. She cared for her little girl and gave her all the love in the world.

Over the years caring for Ana-Maria has become more complex, she has grown in size and her parents have become older and less able to do heavy lifting. In Romania local authority social workers receive very low wages so the family cannot afford to adapt the house to Ana-Maria’s needs. The biggest problem was the old bathroom. It became harder and harder to help Ana-Maria with her hygiene and to get her into the bath.

When Open Hands heard about Ana-Maria’s situation we were keen to support this wonderful family. We provided Ana-Maria’s daughter with a special shower. We are pleased to hear that it makes their lives easier. Thank you Ana-Maria for your friendship! We think you are marvellous!

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