Supporting Neglected & Disadvantaged Children in Romania

OH 815I would like to report on a beautiful project we run, called The Rainbow House (RH). The RH was opened almost three years ago. It is a place where children who live in the local slum come and receive care. Last year The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation recognised the wonderful work that is done there by donating to the project.

I would describe the RH as a warm, homely place with a peaceful atmosphere. Seeing the children, one can tell that they enjoy every minute of being there.

The RH is a stark contrast to their home lives in the slum. Before we opened the project all the children knew was life in the slum. The slum is next to a rubbish dump, it has no paved roads and no running water or sanitary system. Children, living there, are left to their own devices and parents have no form of education. Children are never washed and families have no sense of hygiene. Food is scarce, children are malnourished and often going hungry.

OH 1050You may be able to imagine what amazement these children felt when they first walked into the RH, a place that is clean, offers food and showers and has lots of toys. At the beginning the children were at a loss of what to do with these toys. They had never played with any. They decided that the way you play is to pile the toys on top of each other. Our kind RH staff watched in bemusement and then sat down on the floor next to the children and gently showed them how to play with toys.

We love to celebrate children’s birthdays at the RH. One day it was little Maria’s* birthday. Maria had never celebrated her birthday before. When she came into the RH and saw that a party was prepared, she asked astonished: ‘Who is getting married?’ The love and care the children receive at the RH is changing their lives.

Over the past three years we have seen how children who have never eaten at a table with cutlery developed beautiful table manners. Children who have never held pens in their hands now know how to colour and write. Children who never went to school have become hungry learners, involved in school life. Children who never had a shower learnt the importance of hygiene. It is wonderful to see the profound changes that take place in children lives when someone cares and loves them. We want to be there for these children in the long run. We want to enable these children to break generational circles of poverty and deprivation by educating, guiding, loving and caring for them.

We are always looking for support for our RH project. If you would like to sponsor one of our children, pay for a month’s food supply or support the project in general please contact me for more information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or make a direct payment (details below) into our Open Hands bank account.

With thanks,


Account Name: Open Hands
Account No.: 65412866 00
Sort Code: 089299
Reference: Rainbow House

*Name has been changed to protect identity

Registered Charity Number 1136482



English Office

Wellgreen Lane
Kingston/ Lewes
East Sussex ¦ BN7 3NS

phone: (0044) 7949766147

German Office

Open Hands
Andrea van Hoven
Hagener Str. 29
49377 Vechta

phone: +49 4441 9518875

Romanian Office

Suceava City
Zamca district ¦ No 5 Octav Bancila Street
29th block ¦ Staircase A ¦ Flat no.: 2

No.: 0040 740 239 964

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