Supporting Neglected & Disadvantaged Children in Romania

blogI have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts there can be no more hurt, only more love. - Mother Teresa

You may remember that we welcomed two boys Alex and Laszlo, along with their parents, into the Open Hands Family Support Program in January 2015.

geschenkLittle Adorian is celebrating his 3rd birthday! Open Hands was able to intervene when Adorian and his family became homeless last year.

Adorian now lives with his mum and little baby sister in an Open Hands flat. All the children from our Family Support Program were invited to Adorian's birthday party. Without your help children, like Adorian, would not be able to celebrate their birthdays. What a happy day it was! Thank you for giving!


blogOver the past six months we’ve been working hard to become a registered charity in Romania (at the moment we are a charity in the UK), and after much paperwork we’re now almost ready. However, Romania is much more bureaucratic than the UK. Last week the trustees visited a lawyer in Romania and we signed legal papers, witnessed by the lawyer, to go before a judge so Open Hands could be approved as an official charity in Romania.

blogHope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness!'

Laszlo and Alex live in extreme poverty. Last week Open Hands welcomed the family into the Support Program. We will now support the family to find a way out of poverty. Thank you to our generous sponsors for making change possible!


Registered Charity Number 1136482



English Office

Wellgreen Lane
Kingston/ Lewes
East Sussex ¦ BN7 3NS

phone: (0044) 7949766147

German Office

Open Hands
Andrea van Hoven
Hagener Str. 29
49377 Vechta

phone: +49 4441 9518875

Romanian Office

Suceava City
Zamca district ¦ No 5 Octav Bancila Street
29th block ¦ Staircase A ¦ Flat no.: 2

No.: 0040 740 239 964

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