Supporting Neglected & Disadvantaged Children in Romania

Rebekka Single | Founder and CEO

OH 148My name is Rebekka Single, I am a trustee of Open Hands and founded the charity in 2010. My work with Open Hands is varied and involves planning and overseeing our projects, fundraising and organising the day to day running of the charity. I enjoy my work for Open Hands because it is very rewarding to make a difference in children’s lives who without our intervention would not have such a bright future. 

Andrea van Hoven | Co Founder and German Office

ea7c47ec 348a 49b7 96de 816967630f97My name is Andrea van Hoven. I have been a trustee since we registered the charity in 2010. I run the Open Hands office in Germany and work on a voluntary basis. I work with Rebekka in planning our projects and with fundraising.  I am responsible for the German website.  I also organise aid trips and the shoe box appeal with my husband Cees. In my work with Open Hands I have realized how even small, practical steps of acceptance and love can transform families’ lives, give dignity and encouragement that there is a better future possible. This motivates me to focus my energy on helping the marginalised and disadvantaged of Romania.

Ionut Pastrav | Director Romania

OH 153My name is Ionut Pastrav and I am the director of Open Hands charity in Romania. I have been part of Open Hands since early 2015. I am employed by the charity on a part-time basis. I work with families in the rural areas near the city of Suceava. Additionally my work involves running our Romanian office in Suceava, liasing with the local authorities and overseeing Olga’s work in Harghita with the Open Hands families there. Before joining Open Hands I worked for another NGO in Romania for many years. My previous work has helped me to gain much experience in working with young disabled people as well as agriculture. I am pleased to have the opportunity to work with poor families and be part of the Open Hands team!

Olga Kalusi | Manager Rainbow House

OH 984My name is Olga Kalusi and I work for Open Hands in Romania. I work in the county of Harghita.  I am employed by the charity full-time and work directly with the Open Hands families. I like working for Open Hands because everyone here works from the heart. I work with most families long-term and I help families to integrate into communities, liaise with schools and kindergartens, teach parenting skills and  work on self-sustainable living skills with our parents.

I like to help poor families because once upon a time I experienced poverty too. My favourite part of the work is to work directly with the children and to see happiness on their faces. I am Romani. I therefore know the culture of my people and understand the discrimination we face. At Open Hands we try to do everything and work hard to improve the lives of our families.

Iuliana Pastrav | Family Support & School Inclusion

OH 150My name is Iuliana Pastrav and I am part of the Open Hands team in Romania, in the county Suceava. I have been working for Open Hands since 2016 and I previously worked for Open Hands as a volunteer. I hold a degree in psychology. I am employed by the charity full-time and I work directly with the Open Hands families. I help families with nutrition, access to health care, improve living conditions at home, teach parenting skills and school drop-out prevention. I am responsible for the After School Program. I enjoy my work for Open Hands because I have the chance to help poor children, to help them to have a more beautiful and colourful life and to see the happiness on their faces.

Ramona Fulop | Rainbow House Support Worker

OH 979My name is Ramona Fulop and I work at the Rainbow House with the children. Part of my work involves learning with the children for school. I prepare food for the children and I help them with their hygiene. The children don’t have access to water or a bathroom at home so hygiene is very important. I play a lot with the children. I like to talk a lot to the children and listen to what they have to say. At the Rainbow House we make it possible for them to have a wonderful life. What I like best about my work is to help the children, to play with them, to make them happy and to give them love. For me the most important thing is that we do everything we can for these children with great love.


Firuta Pastrav - Family Support and School inclusion Worker

OH 152My name is Firuta Pastrav and I am part of the Open Hands team in Romania, in the county Suceava. I have been working for Open Hands since 2017, so I am fairly new to the team but I have been collaborating with the charity since 2010. I have 18 years of experience of working within children’s charities and their management. I enjoy my work with Open Hands as I feel that I am making a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children and their families. I work directly with the Open Hands families and place a strong focus on education because education changes lives for the better.

Registered Charity Number 1136482



English Office

Wellgreen Lane
Kingston/ Lewes
East Sussex ¦ BN7 3NS

phone: (0044) 7949766147

German Office

Open Hands
Andrea van Hoven
Hagener Str. 29
49377 Vechta

phone: +49 4441 9518875

Romanian Office

Suceava City
Zamca district ¦ No 5 Octav Bancila Street
29th block ¦ Staircase A ¦ Flat no.: 2

No.: 0040 740 239 964

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