Supporting Neglected & Disadvantaged Children in Romania


As a team, we enter into many homes which are places of extreme poverty and neglect. In these tiny spaces children have grown accustomed to a life without food, running water or light. Many children share one small bed or sleep on floors. Toys are scarce and life offers few joys.

Research carried out by Eurostat over all 28 EU counties in 2015, positions Romania with the highest threat to children at risk of poverty in the EU.

We believe that every child has the right to a safe and loving home. To improve these children’s lives we regularly visit families at home. During visits we ensure that children receive a regular diet and have clothes and shoes to wear. We carry a big bag of toys with us to engage children through play and we spend time learning with the children and offer counselling to parents.

slide20 2Home visits are an opportunity for families to raise any concerns they may have, such as: problems at school, help with welfare applications, housing problems, family difficulties or illnesses.

To combat poor housing conditions we work in collaboration with families and local authorities on renovation projects. To enable self-sustainability we encourage the keep of livestock and growing food by providing seeds and tools.


Open Hands provides: 


  • Weekly visits to children and their families              
  • Educational play sessions
  • Essential nutrition
  • Clothing and shoes
  • Counselling
  • Help with employment for parents
  • Advocacy for families
  • Integration into local communities
  • Day trips out for children



Registered Charity Number 1136482



English Office

Wellgreen Lane
Kingston/ Lewes
East Sussex ¦ BN7 3NS

phone: (0044) 7949766147

German Office

Open Hands
Andrea van Hoven
Hagener Str. 29
49377 Vechta

phone: +49 4441 9518875

Romanian Office

Suceava City
Zamca district ¦ No 5 Octav Bancila Street
29th block ¦ Staircase A ¦ Flat no.: 2

No.: 0040 740 239 964

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