Supporting Neglected & Disadvantaged Children in Romania


Access to Health

As a charity we make sure that all children in our program have access to health care. Our workers ensure that children receive regular health checks and are seen by doctors when unwell. It is not unusual when we first begin working with a child that they have never visited a doctor before.

Open Hands makes sure that each child is up to date with their immunisations. If a child is sick or hospitalised we visit regularly to care for and advocate on the child’s behalf. We ensure that children are looked after and fed in hospital. We provide meals, pyjamas, slippers, towels and anything else they need. We also liaise with nurses and doctors to ensure children are being seen and treated on a regular basis.

Mother & Baby

We encourage medical check-ups and screening tests to help keep mother and baby healthy during pregnancy. According to research, only one of three women in Romania goes to prenatal consultations during pregnancy.

We provide mothers with maternity bags, nappies and clothing for their new-borns and educate them on how best to care for their baby. Open Hands also provides post-natal care by regularly visiting mothers and babies and providing them with essentials such as: milk formula, nappies, clothing, pushchairs and cot beds. We speak with parents about contraception and support them by covering their costs.


Despite an emphasis on health, problems arise frequently; this is not surprising as the areas in which many of the children live have no sanitation and very poor hygiene, a perfect breeding ground for diseases. The Open Hands team is often presented with these types of challenges as the children suffer from regular infestations of scabies, flees and lice, which the team has to deal with effectively. Poor nutrition and hygiene at home make them very vulnerable to diseases such as Hepatitis or TB.


Some of the children we work with have learning or physical disabilities. We help parents to receive a formal diagnosis; this enables them to receive disability allowance payments and specialist input from professionals allowing each child to thrive.

Children’s Homes

We work with parents who, for whatever reason, are unable to look after their children. These children live in children’s homes run by the state. Despite living apart, we encourage parents and children to maintain a strong bond. We do this by, for example, taking children out for day trips or providing clothing and school materials. Often parents do not have the means to visit the children's home; in this case we drive them so that they can spend time with their children.

Overall, Open Hands provides:

  • Access to health
  • Advocacy for vulnerable children to be treated by doctors and in hospital
  • Visits to children in hospital, including bringing them food, pyjamas and toiletries
  • Advocacy for specialist treatment for children, such as: speech and language therapy.
  • Payments for medication and treatments
  • Transport and accompaniment for vulnerable families to appointments and advocacy for them
  • Prenatal and postnatal care
  • Children with vital nutrition
  • Educational workshops on diseases, hygiene, contraception, parenting, sexuality & violence
  • Support for disabled children within families
  • Support for disabled and non-disabled children living in children’s homes

Registered Charity Number 1136482



English Office

Wellgreen Lane
Kingston/ Lewes
East Sussex ¦ BN7 3NS

phone: (0044) 7949766147

German Office

Open Hands
Andrea van Hoven
Hagener Str. 29
49377 Vechta

phone: +49 4441 9518875

Romanian Office

Suceava City
Zamca district ¦ No 5 Octav Bancila Street
29th block ¦ Staircase A ¦ Flat no.: 2

No.: 0040 740 239 964

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